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おそらく袴用に織られた反物。潔い縞と光沢のある糸が、呼応して品のある布 である。

Striped textile fabric
This striped fabric was probably woven to make hakama (skirt-like pleated trousers, a traditional Japanese garment). The noble stripes created from the glossy threads contribute to the elegant appearance of this cloth.
Late Edo - Meiji period
Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture

- 草の繊維 -

 この植物の根は食用や薬としても知られているが、美しい光沢をもった布のこ とはあまり知られていない。
古代から糸作りに用いられた草木の繊維の中で、唯一、貴族や武士階級の衣装 や芸能の衣装などに使われてきた。その理由は、先に述べたように、縒りをか けずに横糸に織られた糸の、光沢と品格のようなものからきているのではない か。
自生しやすく、布も全国で作られていたと推測されるが、現在では、静岡県掛 川で伝承されるのみになってしまった。

- Grass-bast fibers -
Kuzu Kudzu

It is well known in Japan that the root of this plant is used for food and medicine. However, it is not so well known that cloth made from this plant has a beautiful luster.
Since ancient times, many kinds of bast fibers were used to make threads but the kudzu bast fiber was the only one used for making clothing for aristocrats, feudal lords and warriors, as well as costumes for performing arts (Noh,Kyougen.etc)
Is the luster and elegance of the kudzu thread the main reason why clothes made from this fiber were used exclusively for the affluent? Kudzu grows easily and in abundance, so cloth made from this fiber can be found all around Japan. Today, kudzu cloth is made only in Kakegawa, Shizuoka prefecture.

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